Hello and Welcome.

My name is Nazli, my spirit name is Turquoisia Singing Waters and my Yuwipi name is Weeping Bear Woman.

I am a Reader ( Tarot, Animal Spirit, Channeled Readings, Crystals, Turkish Coffee, Tea Leaf…), Shamanic Practitioner and Breath Facilitator. I am passionate about empowering others and building authentic community and have been humbly holding space for transformation for many, through private and group sessions ( shamanic Journeys, Soul Retrievals, Breath Sessions, Readings and healings).

I am grateful you are part of this journey of life with me and I look forward to sitting in circle with you.

From my heart to yours,

Loving BlesSings


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  3. Thank you for sharing these stories. I met you today after our morning yoga class and sensed right away that you are living your yoga and an amaZing space holder!!! Thank you.

    • Hi Amie. So lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for your kind words and presence, I appreciate it 🙏Thank you for connecting here. I try my best to keep this blog updated but feel free to connect with me on social media too for more current updates 🙂I am on Facebook and instagram.

  4. Hello Nazli,

    I would like to book a tarot reading if that’s available at this time :).
    Let me know and have a beautiful day!


  5. Hi Nazli. I got your name from a friend of yours. I am interested in a reading for my self and friend for her bday. Could you contact me? Thanks!

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